Chef Lou’s Army is always proud to offer more value to our communities, whether it comes from giving a delicious hot meal when it is needed most, or it comes from our network of restaurants and professionals that can drastically improve people’s situation during tough times. We strive to add value, and with that strength, to our communities and neighborhoods. Someone who is no stranger to adding value to others is Tom Mirabella owner of Wingman Planning, and HE IS JOINING OUR ARMY!

Tom has spent more than 13 years building relationships and helping local businesses in ways that all contribute to our local communities and economy. Beyond that he has been using his resources and network to run food and toy drives throughout the year, of which every year’s totals are bigger and better than the last. Chef Lou’s Army and over a dozen other nonprofits have all been supported by him in the past; both financially and from his media and marketing resources. To say he gives and adds value to his community is an understatement! It is in recognition of this work that we are honored to announce his addition to our Board of Directors. Tom Mirabella has made a noticeable impact over the years as an individual; we can not wait to see what the future has in store now that he is part of an Army!