Kate Roach
Panthers, Let’s Eat from Point Pleasant, NJ
How Has Chef Lou’s Army Helped You and Your Community?

I run a non profit organization in Point Pleasant called Panthers, Let’s Eat. We provide healthy, kid-friendly food to children in our district who are on the free and reduced lunch plan. We provide them breakfast, lunch, and snacks all 14 weeks of the year that school in not in session. We also constantly provide emergency assistance to them when they are low on food. Chef Lou’s has worked with our families for three years now. They have teamed up with Bubbakoos and are currently delivering hot meals to all 170 of our students EVERY weekend from now until Christmas. This is HUGE for these families. Some of our students only eat the two meals a day that they receive at school, and do not receive dinner at home because of their family’s financial struggle. Chef Lou’s Army is doing BIG THINGS and our program is blessed they they care about our families as much as we do. They are making a huge difference! We appreciate them more than they know.