Preferred Behavioral and Monmouth Crisis Intervention Training


New Jersey’s CIT program is a county-based collaboration of professionals committed to improving their county’s law enforcement system and the mental health system’s response to persons experiencing a psychiatric crisis who come into contact with law enforcement first responders. The Crisis Intervention Team model is based upon building a collaboration and strong communication network between the community’s police department and mental health system. These partnerships are critical for providing the best outcomes for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis, and supporting our law enforcement officers in their responses to these calls. 

The Monmouth County CIT Training is provided twice per year through the support of the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office. Being able to provide a safe, comfortable space for the training participants is vital, and through the generous donation of three days of delicious, hot meals from Chef Lou's Army, we were able to provide that. Lunch time provides valuable opportunities for participants to meet each other, to share their contact information and stories, and to bridge the gap between the mental health system and the criminal justice system. We are extremely grateful to Dan and Chef Lou's Army for their efforts in coordinating these meals, and for their amazing work in the community.
Monmouth CIT Program